Hello~! I'm maddi, im 18 years old & in love with the most wonderful boy in the universe, and really, really cannot wait for everybody to be singing la~ ♥



11 months of Stella.

2 months old to 13 months old. 

This is precious

My pretty Laughing Octopus guild wars 2 lady~ 

aaaaaah, im so proud of her, she’s so gorgeous :””’3



hey so my other regular giveaway ends tomorrow but im cleaning my room ad i found a bunch of old bras that dont fit anymore

im giving away 5 used bras (all in very very good condition) all size 36B. 3 of them are push-up; one is front closure and the other two have removable foam insert thingies

id like to send them to a trans girl who needs them and cant afford to buy bras on her own or cant do so safely

unfortunately i can only ship to the USA and canada :(

if youre a trans girl/transfeminine person and you would like these bras (im sending all 5 to one person! i cant afford to ship to five diff people :((( sorry) please contact me and we’ll work something out so i can send them to u!

please signal boost this (esp if youre cis!!!! be a good ally and find these a good home please) and in case i wasnt clear, if you want these please send my an ask asking for them!!! a handful of people have reblogged this as tho it were a regular giveaway and it isnt! just hit me up if youre a trans girl in need and u win!


Today’s post on my personal style blog features one of my favourite little collared mustard dresses. To get more details or to see my block click here.